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The Rid a Rat unit was developed in the desert southwest where pack rats are a major problem. It was designed by a retired  aerospace engineer in collaboration with an animal behavioral specialist.

The unit is designed to make nesting uncomfortable for a pack rat thereby discouraging their nesting in the protected area.

It works on the principal that rodents are nocturnal and thereby most active at night. This unit interferes with the ordinary behavior through supplying precisely timed light bursts. These interfering lights cause rats to seek other shelter for nesting, which is the primary reason vehicles are targeted as safe shelter for rat pups/young.

We have run a series of tests to determine the effectiveness of this device and have found that the area of effectiveness is about 3 to 6 feet, just about right to protect the engine compartment of most vehicles.


The RC-2 is powered by the 12 volt battery of the vehicle and has a very low current draw. Theoretically, the vehicle battery will last over 20 years. This theoretical life exceeds the shelf life or storage life of the battery. The current draw is considerably less than even the “phantom” or self discharge rate of the battery Therefore, there are no worries about running the car battery down, even if parked for extended periods.

The RC-2B is a magnetic mount unit, the same as the RC-2 except it is powered by a separate batterypack. This is designed to be used in vehicles where the 12 volt battery cannot be easily reached.

The RC-3 is powered by an internal battery pack and is intended for use in small confined areas. The effectiveness has been proven, but its range presently is limited to 3 to 6 feet.






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